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Hello all,I have to say I have hidden on this site for a few years and learned alot, I do appoligize if this is long winded and a nap is needed afterwords !

I hail from BC Canada
I got into the aquarium hobby about 4 years ago with a 10 gal., 2 years ago i purchased a used 30 gal and it was my first planted tank, recently picked up a new 55 gallon tank and have been working on it for the last 2 months. I have been doing my ready for the last few years and have managed to pass the trial and error period and of course saved some money along the way

Some specs on my newest tank are as follows:

55 gallon, 2 inches of miricle grow organic potting soil capped with black sandblasting sand, the wood is cedar from a local lake I enjoy fishing. fluval 406 filter(spin-stream output added and surface skimmer), c02 system, flourish and excell when i remember to add it

planting is random at most, the driftwood is attached to some umhw to hold it down as it has been in my closet for 2 years waiting for a home. Varius anubai, giant vals(6 feet long... should i trim them?) I split a cocnutshell myself and attached javafern and some leftover moss from the 30 gal, some crypts, tiger lily and some other goodies that I cant remember without finding the plastic sticks.

fish stocking is as follows
2. 6.5 inch weather loaches (4 yrs old)
14 odessa bards (amazing colors)
6 oto's my only clean up crew
4 danios, and 7 guppys(only visiting for a week or so while i move my 30g to the back room and convert it to dirt)

for christmas I recieved some plants that I am unaware of what they are and was wondering if anyone can help me identify my stocking stuffers?

Plant Water Botany Nature Pet supply

Flower Plant Twig Terrestrial plant Wood

Plant Flower Ingredient Leaf vegetable Terrestrial plant
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