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ok im scared

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i just noticed on 2 of my guppys, on one female she has what looks like 3 spider legs coming out of her anus, its definatly not poo, it just looks like a spider crawled up her ass lol, and the male has the same 3 little whisker things but there coming from a hole, on the side of him, its eating its way out what ever it is, please help me i need this sorted, treated them with tresemol a few weeks back, went through 2 bottles and there still crawling, makes me wanna get rid of my tanks:(

any advice please
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jungle fizz tabs for parasites.

Works wonders. If you have a QT tank, Paraguard by Seachem is also good :)

Having said that, from the time you see the anchor worms, it is possibly too late. :(
The ones coming from the females anus sounds like camallanus worms. Unfortunately, they don't always respond well to treatment. I've heard levamisole (sp?) works very well on them. You'll also have to treat all the fish in the tank as they are very contagious. This place sells it. I've also heard others having success with Fenbendazole. You can get this at petco or petsmart I believe but it has to be ingested by the fish. It's actually sold in the dog section and comes in powder form. There was one more that starts with an f that can be added to the water that doesn't need to be ingested that is supposed to work well, but I don't recall the name of it. Maybe someone else can tell you.

anti parasite meds are ok .. for a full tank dose, or you can soak the foods in them. Stuff like Paraguard are broad spectrum and are antibacterial also. That WILL trash your bio filter.

I haven't used Fenbendazole but have read good reviews of it. The best course is slow and steady. Expect the worst but hope for the best.
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