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oh no planaria!!

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ok so I have my 55 up and running only plants and 3 threaded nerite snails occupy it at the moment.

55 gallon
Rena XP3
108 w t5 ho lights for 6 hours, was 8 but I cut it back after I had some green spot algae break out haven't had it back yet since cutting hours.
Pressurized [email protected] 3 bps with a diffuser and power head on top for tank circulation
Dosing aquarium ferts Mmn formula
Eco complete 1" deep with pool filter sand 1" to 1 1/2" deep cap

Anyway I added driftwood to the tank to float until it sank and next thing I know when I get home from work, I can't see a damn thing (expected) but I also had thread algae outbreak and I noticed planaria. I don't feed any fauna, all I have in there right now is the snails. So my question is if I'm not feeding the tank how can I get planaria badly enough for me to see it?

Also would the tannins either just being there or blocking so much light cause the thread algae outbreak? I tried to remove as much as I could and I did a 70% water change and took the driftwood out. FYI I don't think the driftwood caused the planaria because it was never in water before if that matters. I already lost 2 plants in 1 day to the thread algae and others had it on that I was able to get a majority of it off.

Any suggestions would help me greatly. I'm trying to get this tank right before adding fish and so far it's not working out too well . :(

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Pictures go a long way in accessing what's wrong.
Pictures of what exactly? The tank, the plants, the algae, the driftwood or the planaria?
Pictures of what exactly? The tank, the plants, the algae, the driftwood or the planaria?
You sort out your planaria problem? I hate pests so much....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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