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Hello all, name is Scott proud papa to two boys who are learning to love nature through hikes outside, birding and of course, taking care of our tank.

The wife an I are very into nature and we want our kids to grow up respecting their environment and understanding the value of all species be it plants or animals.

My two boys, Elijah and Benjamin are 10 and 8, Elijah is extroverted and always ready for adventures, Benjamin is a little shy (neurodivergent) but always hungry of knowledge.

On that note, anyone here is a parent of a neurodivergent kid? I would love to hear about you and any educational materials to use online to boost our kids' skills. Both my kids are wonderful on science and nature related topics, but my Benji right now has some trouble in Math (the pandemic hasn't helped).
And we use resources such as Khan Academy or StudyPug (those guys are great, I am thinking on signing Benji up for tutoring on their sister academy), but I am always looking for more ways to help my kiddos and it would be awesome to hear from other parents of children in the spectrum.

Anyway, our passion for aquatic tanks started when we discovered that Elijah was allergic to dogs and cats, so we were looking for alternatives for him to always have contact with animals, and oh we started on this journey which we all have loved ever since.

Is nice to be here
- Scott
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