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Hi all,

First time post so here goes. Well my tank, ADA Mini S, is approaching the one year old mark so it's time to change out the bulb. Being that my tank is at work, I can't change the fixture or add additional lights. The light fixture is a standard under-the-cabinet T8 setup. I initially swapped the general bulb for a 15 watt Hagen Life-glo. Despite the fact that the fixture is 9" above the tank, the anubias petite, crypt lucens, marsilea sp., and salvinia are slowly growing. The problem is that the tank is a little dark.

So for the new bulb, I thought of these two options to possibly up the light output:
1) Try the Quantum Aquatics 7K T6 bulb. The slimmer bulb should also allow me to stick a reflector in the fixture.

2) Sun-Brite LED tube from Exotic Aquarium in Sacramento, CA. They sell a 6500K 18" tube.

I know option 1 is the more conservative and definitely cheaper route but I'm intrigued with the LED option. So which option should I go for?

Thanks for taking a look.
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