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I can't say enough good things about disvegas :) I'm also very happy with the oebt's I received from him!
Thanks so much for your kind words, soc200! And I am glad to know that you are happy with your shrimps because that's really important to me. Tks again!

OMG !!!! What I wouldnt give for 20 of these have had a 20 long up and going for 2 months now waiting for these :(

pm replied, Jeff. Tks!

hi disvegas! thanks so much for the offer! i sent you a pm. hope to hear back from you.

pm replied, paleopaque. Tks!

if anyone else has any to offer, please let me know. i have a nice sized tank and can use any i can get. i also have jumbo yellow tylos for trade if you're not looking to sell your oebts. thanks all!
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