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Odyssea T5 HO light

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I have a 27g marineland cube that i will be setting up soon. I would like to know if this light would be worth getting. I am hoping to mount the light a distance above the water, possibly a foot or so. Would this be a good high light?

Would this combined with Co2 grow a nice carpet of Glosso? Please, any help is appreciated!
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Too much? Or too little?
I was just hoping to not spend massive amounts on a light
TOO much. Way too much. I use one odd their fixtures. They do the job well.
I would say not go much higher than 2x24 watt T5HO. Have one on my 20 gallon(20g tall mind you) with pressurized CO2 and ferts and it is PLENTY.
Found something else. How about this one (link) Bulb selection, all white 6700k? The pink ones don't do anything really do they? 6700k creates some nice colors.
Look at the photo of that light carefully. Notice that, for style's sake, they make the opening for the bulbs smaller than the total width of the housing. That crams the bulbs close together, reducing the amount of light that can be reflected from the back of the tubes. It also seems to have an external ballast, so most of the housing is just wasted space.

The Odyssea light has a quick disconnect ballast? Why, unless the ballasts are known to fail often.

Two widely spaced T5HO bulbs, like 8 inches apart, should be all that is needed for that tank, and that would probably give you high medium light, more than enough for any plants.
Ok so apparently none of those are good, so what would yall suggest? I would just like to find the light and get it ordered. There are just so many different ones out there, and so many claims out there, i don't know what to believe. So if anyone knows of a good 20" or 24" light fixture, please let me know.

When it comes to Lighting, TPT is lucky to have members like HOPPY. He has taken a lot of personal time to answer the important questions with real data, not just speculation.

LIke he said, TWO widely spaced t5HO bulbs would give you good light levels ALL OVER the tank. Your tank has sorta odd dimensions, so making sure the bulbs arent't right next to eachother is the trick...

But, there is a "custom" solution that shouldn't cost you much. Catalina Aquariums does custom work, forr cheaper than most stock fixtures--and they are built right here in the USA. All you have to do is CALL them, explain your tank size, width, and that you'd like 2x24w t5HO on this tank, but want the bulbs to be as far apart as possible.

Look them up and give them a call. Tons of members here have had awesome luck with them.
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I didn't realize they could make custom stuff, until I already ordered my lights! CRAPP!

They are very knowledgeable about their products. I just bought 2 of their canisters and will probably go back to them for more stuff on my list to get.

As far as the light, I don't think they have a UL listing. I could be wrong, but I remember reading that somewhere. over_stocked, can you back that up with you fixture?
I had the odyssea metal halide. Sucks... Really bad reflectors (both buildquality and reflection) and the buildquality is OK but not more.
I have the same fixture you first posted only the 96w(24" version). it's definitely ineffecient, since it only has a single reflector for all 4 bulbs, and each set of 2 bulbs is wired in a series so you can't just take out 1 bulb each. Plus the bulbs are pretty close together and there's definitely restrike issues.

The ballasts are magnetic ballasts, mine don't even get warm tho. The light is decent tho, great for the price comparatively and if the ballasts do go bad, it's easy to wire in new electronic one's, Plus the bulbs come with it. And I really like the moonlights. However I have found that I have to run all 4 bulbs(96w at least for a few hour burst) to get the same or less amount of light as if i just had 2 t5ho with individual reflectors. My 2 ODNO'd T8's with individual reflectors put out more light at the substrate than just running 2 of the t5's in that odyssea fixture. Running just 2 of the bulbs my plants are much leggier and taller than they were the t8's, running all 4 keeps everything nice and compact again with very short internode spacing.

As for the UL, pretty much no fixture is UL listed, nor does it matter. Just some thoughts :)
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