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Odessa barbs

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I currently have a school of tiger barbs in my planted aquarium. While they are fun to watch swim around, these guys are particularly aggressive to any other fish I put in the tank. I'm thinking of going with odessa barbs instead.. Are these guys just as nippy in community tanks?
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I've had Odessa barbs and they were fine with other fish (although I didn't have them with long-finned fish like angels or a betta). They're nowhere near as nippy as tiger barbs.
Oh good, I ended up moving the tiger barbs into their own tank. They were just causing a lot of problems in the community tank.
Funny thing you should say that about angels and betas. In the 75 now I have both angels and betas lol. Wondering if they would be ok in there then. Hmm..
I have 9, they are moved into the 40 gallon at the moment. The tank I want to have the odessas in I have 7 angels, a beta and some guppys being held there for the mean time. I'm mostly worried about the angels and fin nipping

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