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Oddball tank

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I'm wondering if someone can give me any info on an oddball tank my LFS got in on trade. I want to buy it, but I have some fears and want to learn more about it because it's an odd size.

It's some kind of octagon (there are 8 sides, not 6, but most MFRs would still call it a hex). I didn't measure the tank, but I'd put it at about 30x12x16. It's shaped like a flat back hex, but instead of a flat back, the back is the same as the front (two smaller glass "corners" and the larger single panel like the front). Wondering if anyone knows much about this shape etc, was it discontinued for a specific reason etc.

It is an old tank (the date sticker on the bottom says the warranty expired in 1984, shocked to say the least) the glass actually is in great shape, the silicone looks new, but its done so well I'd lean more towards original than a reseal. Hence my
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Check lighting options for those dimensions.
The stand would be the only thing I'd worry about. I had a heck of a time finding one for my old hex.
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