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Odd shrimp behavior

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So the set up is a 5 gal nano with lots of moss set up at work and maybe a dozen yellow shrampies.

Sometimes they like to hang upside down from the surface of the water, picking at stuff from the duckweed.

Does this sound like odd behavior from them, and has anyone else witnessed this?
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No they love this.

One thing I'll caution you for is if they're all trying to get out of the water. That means they're being poisoned by something. Ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, something is out of whack. So make sure it is cycled.

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I had a few pieces of frogbit and mine liked to feed upside down on the roots. It's funny when they try and hang on a piece that's too light and they slowly fall to the bottom of the tank, still upside down :)
It's normal. Especially if you have water movement with the duckweed moving around. Shrimps love to ride those duck weed lol.
I agree with the above, they love taking floater rides
All I have to do in my cherry tank is poke the floaters--frog bit, silvinia, red root floaters, some guppy grass--and BOOM, it's a veritable storm of shrimp free falling from the roots and scampering off to the far reaches of the tank.

Amanos in my riparium will crawl on top of the floaters and ride the current until they get close enough to the hanging planters or planted HOB outflow ramp to transfer off. There's a bit of a whirlpool affect off the HOB--hilarious to watch an amano go round two or three times before it's able to make the transfer from floater to the outflow ramp. It's the only moss in the tank though, and they looove to pick thru it for goodies.
Hahaha mine do the same thing. I have water moss on my surface and when a full grown yellow gets on one, it’s like a moon Lander. Slowly lowers the shrimp to the bottom. I swear they are that lazy when they want down to the bottom. Lol
Some humorous stories! I may as well share something I found funny.

When I had a side of a tank packed with floaters, I used to make sure my hands were very clean, then I'd leave my finger in there as if it were a low floater. They tickle when they get on you and do their little picky stuff lol.

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2G Fluval Spec ~ fauna and flora in the works!
Haha, in the planted bowl I made for my mother she yelled for me the first morning after I added in some shrimps for her. I ran over to see what was wrong.
"I can't find the shrimp? Where did they go? What happened?"

I laughed so damn hard and told her to look upside down. They were all nomming away on the floaters in the bowl.

I love watching the shrimp up there, I refer to them as 'bat shrimp'
Alright, good to know! Thank guys! Elppan, I have a similar experiences at work. My coworkers like to visit my tank, and often tell me all my shrimp are gone. I used to have a mini panic attack but I know where they are now ;)

I never thought shrimp behavior would be so interesting, but I do confess they are very fun little critters to watch :)
you have to watch your shrimp more. they do funkier things that just hang upside down :)
Next time tell your co-workers they can leave the water for up to 30 minutes, but don't worry they will come back to the tank by themselves. Just watch where you step please!!! See who is the most gullible.
rodcuda, I love it!! and I think i already know who will fall for it :)
See if you can get them to help you look for them.
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