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I’ve noticed recently that my dwarf neon rainbowfish specifically, though the rest somewhat as well, are not very active throughout the tank in the afternoon/evening. In the morning, as is normal with rainbows, they're all swimming around and flashing/sparring. Later in the day though, they're much more sedentary. All of my other varieties, including my other fish like my angelfish and Denison barbs, swim all around more regularly. My dwarves seem to generally stay on one side and swim in place. Some go out and about here and there but then return to home base. I thought this may have been a calmer area because of the powerhead (425gph) but even with it off, they still do this. I also thought maybe it was a buildup of CO2, since it's after about 5-6 hours of the CO2 running, but I have plenty of surface agitation and no other distressing behaviors that you normally see with high CO2. They all eat very aggressively, so they seem otherwise normal.

75 gallon heavily planted community tank
76-77F degrees
PH 6.8
KH 4-5 degrees
Nitrates around 40ppm

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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