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Oceanic 30g Cube

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hi, i just wanted to share my planted tank. let me know want you have for advise, here are the specs
oceanic 30g cube
96w quad coralife light with 10000k bulb
diy co2 with the hagen ladder
aquaclear 50 filter
plants that i know,
crypt walkerii
java fern
rotella wallici (sorry bad spelling)
java moss
Jungle val
spiral val
i;m sure there is more im forgetting.
let me know what you think
german blue ram trying to see what i'm doing

now the tank
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Looks nice - quite the case of collectoritis! Yippee for stargrass my favorite plant. it grows so fast you can watch it grow!

Be sure to keep the co2 up with 96w on 30g.

Erm...Rams are uber-soft water fish and mollies/platys are almost brackish...
nice tank for sure. It looks like your going to have a nice jungle when it grows out.

I hope those rams are in good water conditions. The livebearers can be adapted to just about any conditions if you take your time. Rams on the other hand are very sensitive.
thanks for the great responses, yea there is a bunch of different plants that i've collected over time. i've had the tank running for about a year now and all the fish but the ram had been in there since i started it, i've had the ram for about 6 months or so. i got him from a local guy that buys fish in bulk and he said he is a wild caught so i dont know if that makes a difference or not but he's been doing fine. thanks again
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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