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Ocassional dead shrimp: Problem, or natural?

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I've got roughly 150 RCS in my 10 gal along with maybe 12 CRS. In the last month, I found 2 dead RCS. Is this indicative of a problem, or just nature taking it's course?
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They don't live all that long, and if only 2 out of 150 die in a month, i think you're probably gonna need to send me a few to lighten the bioload.
Depending on how long you've had them I would suspect its just old age.

I have a few die each month or two in my 55g.

Ship me a couple too while you're at it.

I think it's natural. Short life span.

One of mine died a few days ago. But it's hard to tell because the amano shrimps pick it apart in a matter of moments.
I agree, it is probably due to old age.
this is just an additional suggestion;

you may want to supplement iodine & calcium.
sometimes shrimp die struggling during a molt.
those supplements help them thru the trauma.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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