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O. Woworae carrying eggs on fins

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Ive read somewhere in the past that Oryzias woworae (daisy rice fish) will carry there eggs on there fins when they breed......i realized today that my females got the eggs down there but now i dont remember whats next. Is there something i need to do or can do to hopefully have a succesful hatching? I would really like to breed something other then endlers and shrimp,lol.

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The adults won't eat their young and fry. I've raised many with their parents. The eggs remain stuck to the female's vent and then she just sticks them onto plants and they take about 2 weeks to hatch in my tank.

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COOL,thanx for the info. Sorry i dont have any pics myself,ive tried hard to get some but the fish are very fast hahaha. I just hope they make it. I noticed my BB endlers gave birth the other day in this same tank but there wasnt any babies visible today. Theres alot of potential "predators" i think.
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