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Nymphaea lotus

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Is this a new plant on a runner?

This plant is growing nicely - perhaps too well. I've pinched it back to keep the leaves from reaching the surface but they do grow rather large.
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Some are green but most others are not totally green. I've changed the photo above to show some of the other leaves.
there are green varieties of the lotus...
Yes it is a new plantlet. Is it Nymphae micrantha? It has the brown and green mottled appearance.
Actually, it's really more red than anything. I think its the camera and light.

What's a good time to snip it off and replant?
I am not sure on this, but my nymphea taiwan sends out runners after reaching the surface.
Once it has a sizeable leaf and roots growing, you can replant it then. You can just leave it on for a while on the shoot as well.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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