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NYC trip!

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I am planning on coming down to the City on the weekend of the 25th. I want to plan on scouting out the LFS in the area. Know you guys got some hidden gems down there. Only have Monster Aq. on my list so far. Will be hitting them up for my ADA soil lol. Finally saving myself some money and just going down.

I am mostly into Inverts, plants, and discus. Thanks for the help! Want to plan it out now so I can find everything once I get down there.
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I kinda like Pacific Aquarium. But driving from Monster, in Queens, into Manhattan is a pita.
Probably refrain from driving there lol. Made that mistake once. Didn't work so well lol. Probably just take trans.

Hey Chris, by any chance can you bring the sunset hydro?

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I probably could do that, know any good places to hotel that's not crazy?

You can take the 7 train or LIRR to Flushing. Monster is a few blocks away from both the stations.
That's good to know, yea trying to map out,my route. Always good to plan ahead.

comfort inn, 725 river rd, Edgewater, 07020

How easy would it be to get from here to public trans. Has parking and decent prices. I'll be there 2 days so will be going around

There's a bus that goes to Penn Station from nearby the hotel. Btw, Mitsuwa, the large japanese supermarket on the east coast is right next to your hotel. So you should stop by if you're interested.
Awesome, I'll stay there then. I'm not too bad with navigating and don't mind getting over there. Its well worth the savings. Any good freshwater shrimp store to check,out?

there's a 2 motel next to each other on 65th st on queens blvd. i know alot of tourism comes. both have parking available. close to BQE. 7 and R train close by
Awesome, thanks! I did,the whole times square tourism thing a few years ago and didn't like it lol. Yea it was fun, and expensive. Learned you can come and enjoy,yourself and have more fun off the tourism track. Always an adventure coming down from Syracuse.

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