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Anyone who want to join, please make sure you contact me in advance.

We need to have an location generally acceptable to most so,
1st stop, pick up in Flushing
2nd stop etiher Win or Pacific in low east town Manhattan.
3rd stop (IF AND ONLY IF the guy from Dear Park Long Island come by Thur morning), I can ask him to bring to his store Tropical Island and you must pick up the same day during his shop hours.

If you email me, please make sure you provide a no. I can call you back.
SMS: 347 878 3092
Email: [email protected]


Wingo | 4 - 8 | Pearl Danio adult $4 |confirmed
Wingo | 4 | Danio kyathit (orange finned danio)- $2 |confirmed
Wingo | 4 | Neon Green Shrimp $4 / the more neon the better| confirmed
Note: all my animals, please male and females if you can

Kubalik | 4 | Pearl Danio adult $4 | confirmed; wait for details
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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