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NYC aquatic plant club

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Hi in the past I wanted to start a New York City Aquatic plant club. Basically I noticed that although there are fish clubs in NYC, they don't really tend to lean towards the plant side of the hobby. So althouogh this club involves fish and other aquatic things, I rather want the spotlight to be on the plants.

I like there to be a trade network here as well. It seems to me that non of the local pet shops take any of the trimmings or shrimps that we have extra for anything besides free. No store credit and most of the time a werid face. Also they like to charge alot like New World.

For the time being, I would like to meet in some nice public places like starbucks. Or whatever u guys may like. Enjoy a cup of coffee over a nice conversation of aquatic culture.

I want it to be a nice place to go learn more about how to grow, where to aquire, or just to meet other people in the area that share the same interest. Or you could come just to show off. Right now I don't care about names but I want to get to the heart of the situation. How much interest is really here?

If you are interested please post here or pm me. If you feel it is a bad idea, then please don't post here and stand in the corner until you can forget that this thread exist.

So then who wants to be part of this new club!
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yeah i hope i can get the ball rolling
a great place to recruit people in addition to the forums is at the Aquarium club meetings. That's how our local group got started (a handful of plant enthusiasts in the local fish club).
When is the first meeting? I would be interested in joining such a club.
Might be interested.

Depends on where, day and time. Living in SI there isn't a whole lot of options when it comes to public transportation especially in the evenings.
I'd be interested, but which day and time might impact availability. Meeting place?
Right now I didn't plan a date or time because I wanna see how many people are intrested. But we are going to meet in a starbucks at first. Just waiting for more people to join.
I'm interested. Monthly swap meetings would be nice, it'd also give plants time to grow again for the next swap.
Starbucks? I'm in. Someone bring me a baggie of glosso, and I'll buy you a grande caramel macchiato. Add me to the list, Tran. Btw - did that puffer survive?
Cool. Its mostly likey going to be in queens astoria for the first one. For the moment does anyone here have any RCS they wanna sell or trade?
Oh and sorry I didn't answer but yes hes still alive. But too bad the rest of my puffers died. I didn't realized how many snails they really do eat.

Starbucks? I'm in. Someone bring me a baggie of glosso, and I'll buy you a grande caramel macchiato. Add me to the list, Tran. Btw - did that puffer survive?
R newbies allowed? I just bought my first batch of Java Moss and there's no turning back! Seriously, I've had tanks for 10 years but have always wanted to get into planted aquariums. I would be good to have some face to face advice. When's the first meeting?
My apologies on my extended delay on this club. I had a few personal matters to deal with before continuing with my hobbies.

Lately I see that many of us here are from Astoria. I would like for all of us to meet at starbucks in astoria, ditmars for our first meeting.

However, I know that the holidays are near and I don't want to take time away from your families. But would like to meet the first Saturday after new years. All levels of experience are allowed.

My first agenda is to know NYC better in terms of all the local fish stores. During our meeting I would like to get to know the members of PT better and plan on how we can visit as many LFS as possible.

If you are interested please post here or shoot me a pm.

Thanks and I hope to see you soon!
I'm in .... I live in Astoria!
alright, i hope we get more people that wanna join in.
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