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NUVO Black 10 or AquaMaxx 10.8

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I'm looking at setting up a tank for me son that will be heavily planted with a few dwarf puffers. The NUVO Black 10 and AquaMaxx 10.8 are very similar but I cannot find either to look at in person. I'm appreciate any input, especially if someone has first hand experience with these tanks/brands.

NUVO has the smoked rear glass, which looks pretty nice. AquaMaxx is low iron glass which "should" give better clarity at an increased cost and increased possibility of scratching (based on general info I've read). I'm not sure if the low iron glass on such a small tank will really be noticeable.
NUVO Black 10
Innovative Marine NUVO Black

AquaMaxx 10.8
AquaMaxx Tall Cuboid Low-Iron Rimless Aquarium - 10.8 Gallon
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