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Hello all. I've got a 20g at the office with medium LED Lighting and I've had some plants it there for awhile. The first ones have been in about 4-6 months while the newest one has been in there maybe a month. Before finding you're plant database here on the site, I was struggling trying to identify them, so I would like some clarification, as well as some tips on how to provide for them. The older ones I believe are the crypt Wendtii and the newer one I believe is Anubias.

The biggest issue I'm having is that my original plants don't seem to want to grow, less one side of the tank and much more the other. I didn't want to go hard with the planted tank until I knew my plants weren't going to die and I knew what they were. I seem to be having some issues identifying nutrient deficiencies so any tips there would be helpful.

Another note, I recently started to dose with flourish. The first time I did it, I noticed the very next day what seemed like pearling. My first assumption was my Betta fish went ham on a bubble nest until I realized that the bubbles were coming out from the plants. A couple days later, the plants still looked exactly the same and the bubbles seemed to be coming from the substrate. I immediately researched into anaerobic bacteria and attempted to rule out Hydrogen Sulfide I believe. I got a nose and made sure it didn't smell any sulfur so I left myself baffled and decided it would be fine. With my severely low plant load, I didn't think it possible to be pearling so I continued to experiment. To test whether it was my dosing, I stopped dosing the regular flourish. The bubbles stopped. I still had not seen any impact on my plants so I resumed dosing as well as added some phosphate and nitrogen to the mix, and I changed my filter's output slightly so that it impacts the water more often turning it over a bit. The bubbles have stopped completely. Maybe a couple every once in awhile but nothing like those first few days.

This has left me two hypothesis: I am diffusing the water too much, which at the time of writing I find the probable reason; or the nitrate and phosphate somehow stopped the bubbling, correcting what I was missing.

Any help would be much appreciated. Especially as to how to save my plants.


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