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If you plan no fish cycling is not necessary.
The light is on for way too many hrs. Bt if those hrs are so that you can see it
both wnen you get up and after work, then just set it to turn off in between.
That light is also fairly strong for that tank(depending on height) and the CO2 counts also though at .5 BPS(2-4 is normal) it won't help much to keep out algae. But why now ? The CO2 is only needed to help plants to grow and if there are none...
Lots of people run it at below the normal 2-4 BPS so they don't need to worry about it hurting their fish but once the plants start growing I'd bring it up to at least 1 BPS.
It will help the moss(and still 1 BPS would be better) and the only other thing I can tell you about that moss is that I ave bought Pellia on three ocasions from on-line dealers and it died the first two times because I keep ordering it from one who takes 20 days for it to get to me from them in Malaysia. But this time it looks much better cause I tied
it to a branch limb up close to the light. Before I just put it on the bottom of the tank.
You can always move it after it gets growing well. Putting it up much higher might help it some.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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