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Hello awesome people!

I bought some XMas moss at an aquatic store, it was mostly brown with some bright green, it was the last they had but I wanted it quite badly so I took it home and hope to be able to nurse it back to a gorgeous state.

Hope you can give me some guidance.

This is my current setup
  • 7.5 Gal Tank
  • Fugeray Planted Plus light (running 14hrs - 8am : 10pm)
  • Injected CO2 at about 0.5 bubbles per second
  • white sand substrate
  • In the early phases of getting it Cycled (fishless, and just ammonia is pressent)
  • (ordered root tabs for my soon to be planted Baby Tears and Ludwigia)

Thank you in advance, you are always so helpful and knowledgable.

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@StrungOut: I have a HOB filter from Fluval, it is the one that came with my previous tank (Fluval Edge) but that I broke on accident.

My current tank is a Mr. Aqua 7.5Gal Bowfront, it is roughly 10"tall, 8"wide, 18"long

@Raymond S.: I'm doing the cycle because I want to give a nice home to a future betta and some shrimp.

I want to have a baby tear carpet, with a nice patch of xmas moss on the background.
I have some ludwigia to have some high plants and then also an anubias where the betta could rest.

I'm honestly a total noob when it it comes to this hobby, but have learned many things from all of you.

I had the Bubble Count at around 3bps, but the ISTA CO2 indicator is telling me too much CO2 is in the water, I then researched and some people were suggesting 2-4 bps for like 50Gal tanks, so I thought, DAMN I need :help:, but in the mean time, let's reduce CO2 a lot.

Thank you both for your quick replies, I'm very grateful! ^_^
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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