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I have a few of these that I'm not going to use. All new, but no packaging. As check valves go, these things are about the highest quality you can find.

3* SS-4C-1/3 - Stainless 1/3 PSI check valve with 1/4" tube fittings - $22 ($49 Swagelok retail)
3* B-4C-1 - Brass, 1 PSI - $16 ($25 Swagelok retail)
SS inserts - $2/ea.
Brass inserts - $1/ea.
1/8" NPT SS adapter - $5
1/8" NPT Brass adapter - $3

Shipping is $3, or $6 for Priority (or a lot of these things) via PayPal. Payment for goods only, no gift!!!

To run them inline, you'll need the check valve and two inserts. I'm not entirely sure what would happen if you used brass inserts with the stainless ferrules. It would probably be fine, but I'm not 100% sure of that. If you wanted to attach them to the reg and run the tubing out of the other end, you'd need one insert and an adapter.

* The check valves are good for 1/4" OD tubing. The inserts, however, are very specific. They're good for 1/4" OD, 1/8" ID tubing. Basically, if you ordered it online, it's probably 1/4, 1/8. But if you found it in your LFS, the ID is larger and the walls are thinner.

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