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Riccia has completely infested and taken over a tank over the course of a year. This whole time I have tried excel and manual removal and I just can't beat it. I know it doesn't root but it is so intertwined into the substrate I can't get it out and it just breaks and regrows.

In this tank I have a colony of neocardinia shrimp, 2 amanos, 2 nerites and 3 tetras. These are in my 30c that is overgrown with Riccia.

I have one tank that is completely empty with a cycled filter(just yesterday cleaned that tank out for a rescape, it was one of my first and the layout just made maintenance an absolute mess) its a 15c and is a tiny accent on my desk.

My question is if that filter is cycled will the livestock provide enough ammonia for the filter to stay cycled and will that amount of livestock be ok in there for the duration of the rescape/recycle of the 30c.

I'm not sure if I've provided all the information needed for anyone to help. Please let me know if you need more information.
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