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Nuking My Tank For Parasites

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Hello, I have been dealing with what I believe may be the parasite hexamita. I am going to remove and treat my fish in a qt. Remove everything from my tank, and dispose and/or bleach it. I want to nuke my tank,which most would use bleach or similar. I don't have that option, since I keep birds.
I was wondering if you thought a high concentration of salt run for a few days in the empty tank might be successful?
If so what kind of salt should I use?
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set out side and dump some bleach in it for an hour or so?
If all the fish have the HEX (hexamita), might as well as treat them in tank. Take the carbon out of your filter, and turn up the temperature as high as your fish can handle.

Here's a link fore you.
Thanks for the link. Placing it outside wouldn't work. It has plumbing and a sump. There is no carbon, stopped using that a long time ago. No traditional filter, it uses media in the sump as a filter. However, I want to change that and use poret foam. I have to assume this parasite can be in any crevice or any surface of the tank, and anything in it.It would be a lot easier to do it in the tank. It will also cost a fortune. It is 100 gallons give or take.
well since it has a sump then your best bet is to treat the tank because what ever is in it will be in the filter system too. lots of nooks and cranys to hide in
Yup. Ordered something called Jungle Soak. I was told that will do the trick. Thanks
What a chore it was catching all the little guys!
Any salt in a planted tank is no bueno I assume. In extreme situations. Clout. It is my second choice when the disease has progressed and metro and Epsom salt is no longer effective. Trust me a 3-5 day dose of clout with 50% wc will annihilate it; however, it could possibly stain your silicon blue for a while. If you have scaless fish watch them carefully. I have had great success with this medicine for internal parasites in regards to mbuna and Tropheus with bloat. Usually with Tropheus it can wipe the tank which besides the terrible loss of can be well expensive.
I have tanks all over the place! Obviously couldn't treat the inverts so I have them in a separate tank with no meds. I am at a loss at what to do with them.. Once I get everyone else treated, if I put them back I could potentially risk everyone I just cleared up. This really bites. In all my years I have never had anything like this run through my fish. It's my own fault I am sure... Getting complacent. I could kick myself.
Hit it with Tetra parasite guard and then any of the fenbendazole products and should get rid of pretty much everything. Much easier and safer than hitting everything with bleach and totally wiping out all your bacteria.
Thanks, but part of the intention is to wipe it clean and start over. I am removing the bags of eheim media I have been using, and the filter sock, and will rely on two pieces of thick Poret foam for media. I am removing all the substrate, stones, everything. My fish are all out and will be for two weeks anyway. It's a good opportunity to get the tank squeaky clean, and all the plumbing too. After running this stuff, I will be rinsing rinsing rinsing, then let it dry out for a week.
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