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I only keep the RCS as I can't afford those high dollar type.
Have had these for about three years but don't really know much about them to any extent like you guys do so excuse the beginner type quesion but do the RCS come out light color and get darker after a while ?
I suspect that I only have one male in the tank because they all seem to be coming out in a color mutation. There would be at least some red ones coming out if there was another male in there.
But before I try to cull out the ones I don't want it occured to me that I might throw out good ones which hadn't yet got their full color.
None of the shops around here has any real true red ones...their's are also off colors letting me know they haven't bought any for a long time.
But then I'm in the same spot. Yeh I see the hand writing on this one but it'll be some time before I can buy a few on line or from here.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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