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novv's 23 liters (Low Tech)

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i'm not quite sure what i am doing with the tank… so comment/advices are welcome :bounce:

the tank as it is now top view
18/07/2012 :
# rescaping and tried to bring down the PH by replacing stones with driftwood. unfortunately, the PH remains the same but the is now filled with tannin
# java moss carpet on the left and on the right is my lazy method… just tied the moss with ceramic bead and anchored it to the bottom.
# 2 LED strips added more light at to the side of the tank

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i had my first aquarium when i was little…. but without a proper knowledge about fish keeping, i only had it for couple of years… as nothing could survive in the tank's poor condition. then a month ago i came across the and decided that it's time for the planted aquarium.

it is quite a challenge since there're more than 20 years gap between my first and second tank. after reading tons of internet articles and forum, i still got a big headache when i'm trying to communicate with the lfs (i'm an expat) even though the google translation is doing a good job :D

actually, i prefer the look of the rimless tank. but from time to time i'll be cat-sitting for friends'… so i got the Fluval Edge which harder to maintain but still has a quasi-rimless look.
21/06/2012 : first day set up

# Anacharis (Egeria densa)
# Java Moss
# Tiny ramhorn snail (hitchhiker)
# Pond snail (hitchhiker)
# Mangrove drift wood
# ECS substrate (baked clay)

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05/07/2012 :
# changed the stock halogens to MR11 LEDs
# added Anubias Nana
# added Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'
# the baked clay substrate is very light and changing the shape buy itself all the time so i added flat stones to keep the substrate 'in place'
# still not sure what to do with the java moss so it's floating around in the net

to make the bulbs waterproof i sealed the gaps and conductive parts with high temperature silicone i have. they look ugly with the black colour but hopefully it will work better than the clear spray paint.

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