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I can't resist it anymore, and I need Nothobranchius... I have the water conditions they like, I believe. My pH is about 6.0 due to Aquasoil. I just need to add salt but I'm worried about adding as much as recommended, especially for a planted tank. It's supposed to be a heavily planted killifish tank, and I currently have 4 Fundulopanchax gardneri 'Innidere' in the tank which is 34 gallons.

What's the least amount of salt I could add and be able to keep Nothobranchius? What is the most I could add to a heavily planted tank without risking the lives of fish or plants?

Is it okay if I don't have peat substrate as long as the pH is low? Again, it is ADA Aquasoil and I'm growing out a mat of HC / baby tears.
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