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NOT the usual Amano water change freak out

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Hi All,

My Amanos seem to freak out when I water change soon after I siphon out some water (~50%) even BEFORE I pure in new water. They swim frantically around the tank and even grow out onto the driftwoods.

Can the oxygen saturation drop that fast?! (I turn off the pumps during water change)

Tank info: 30cm cube (~7 gallons) planted aquarium.

Thanks for your input!

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Maybe the act of the siphon coming and stirring things around is what freaks em out. Sometimes happens to me too.

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my guess would be they are accustom to the full tank water pressure.when the "TIDE" goes out they scramble to find a place where the Pressure was what they are accustom too.
12 inches of water = 0.436 psi i would suspect they are sensitive to 3-4 inch change in water pressure.
Ah, never considered the change in water pressure. Should I be concerned, especially if I take some time to refill the tank? Normally, as soon as I add fresh water back, they calm down pretty quickly and resume to their normal selves.

For reference, it looks kinda like this vid (not mine):

Thanks again!
My amano's do that every time I do a 50 percent wc also. Sometimes I have to be careful because it seems like they are very attracted to the vac end and have actually sucked up a few in the past but they scoot right out of the tube and have no ill effects. It almost looks like they enjoy the whole wc thing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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