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Not sure what kind of fry.

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I have 3 types of egg layers in my tank.

Celestial Pearl Danios
Cardinal Tetras

I noticed some guppy fry and red cherry shrimp in my canister filter so I took it apart and removed the fry/shrimp... I got about 6 guppy fry and 30-40 tiny red cherry shrimp. I also found these 3 fry that are clearly from an egg layer... I've noticed the CPDs were doing mating maneuvers but the the stripes on the fry are throwing me off. Hrmm Here are some pics. I recently moved them to a heavily planted 30g tank that only has tadpole snails in it so I hope they will survive as I've lost track of them. I've had goldfish lay eggs from my pond and those didn't have stripes... Well... and they were much bigger.

I could always wait a few weeks and hope they survive so that I can see them become more like their "parents" but that is going to drive me nuts for weeks and I'll wind up spending way too much time checking on the tank every day trying to find them... lol :icon_roll... any help would be appreciated, thanks!

This pic is for scale.

DSC_0009 (2) by mikeytitan, on Flickr


DSC_0036 (2) by mikeytitan, on Flickr

DSC_0039 (2) by mikeytitan, on Flickr

DSC_0008 (2) by mikeytitan, on Flickr
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No, not otto fry by a long shot...

This is what otto fry look like:

I think they are Celestial Pearl Danio Fry:

Notice the spots and markings that are very similar to yours. Obviously this fry is a bit older than yours as the spine is more developed, but this where I am putting my money.
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I'm thinking those are oto fry, but it looks kinda skinny. See this:
Whoever posted that picture got it WAY wrong :p...
Whoever posted that picture got it WAY wrong :p...
yay! Thanks for all the replies. I actually set up a 30g breeding tank with 2 females, 3 males underneath the tank where I found the fry. I had 7 CPDs in that tank but it's full of endlers, cardinal tetra, and red cherry shrimp so I'm thought the fry would have a slim chance with all the things in their that would gladly snack on them.
Sorry - I was just going by the pic I found online - didn't mean to be wrong!
Sorry - I was just going by the pic I found online - didn't mean to be wrong!
Aww don't be sorry. It happens. Thanks for trying though :) Atleast now I know what they don't look like!

Sorry - I was just going by the pic I found online - didn't mean to be wrong!
Nothing to be sorry about. The resource was bad not you. ;o)
Definately CPD fry. Looks like my old ones to the tee.

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