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I had a marginally successful low light tank in a marineland eclipse 29 gallon tank years ago, but I was always limited by the integrated fluorescent ballast and then the ballast went so I abandoned the planted hobby for awhile and now decided to do it right.

I ditched the integrated hood, cleaned up the tank, added a glass topper, and mounted this 18watt SMD led fixture from Nicrew/Gaco which has white and blue LEDs. It really lights up the tank nicely, but the last time I was doing planted tanks we were on the WPG rule which I realize is now outdated, especially with LEDs.

First, is my light even putting out the right spectrum for plants? The amazon reviews mention people having success with plants.

Next, should this be enough light for a low to medium light tank or should I add another bar...or am I better off with a different light altogether?

The tank is about 20" tall from light bar to bottom. Using fluorite for substrate. Filtrating includes Eheim 150 canister and a UV sterilizer inline.

So should I be ok, double up on the lighting, or ditch the light and get something better? Thanks!


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