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not sure about this moss... looks different?

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so i have been selling moss on mesh on ebay for about 2 weeks and sold 30 pads :D

ran out of trimmings from my tank was selling xmas moss and java moss 4x4 pads

managed to find someone selling 100g of java moss for £7 enough for like 40 odd padds :) it arrived and looked way different to my java and looked more like my xmas - not quite the same as the xmas though

heres the xmas

By jameshill247 at 2012-06-15

here is the old java i was selling

By jameshill247 at 2012-08-12

By jameshill247 at 2012-08-02

here is the new java moss

By jameshill247 at 2012-08-12

By jameshill247 at 2012-08-12

By jameshill247 at 2012-08-1

By jameshill247 at 2012-08-12

was pretty brown when i got it but a few days in the tank and it was better

now its in a tank outside in the sun with an airstone and doing much better looks a lot greener

still not the same as the old java though i much prefer the old stuff and im wondering if they are the same species or not

my local fish shop told me its both java but the stuff in my tank is a nicer type and i could sell for a bit more

anyone else seen this type or know what it is?
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your old java moss was not java moss unless i am reading your picture title incorrectly

here is java moss:
A close up on its structure would help I think. I'm not expert on mosses but what you are calling Xmas looks more like java to me
Yea what you WERE selling as Java moss is not java moss...not any I've ever seen anyway. The new stuff you got in looks like java but hard to tell from the photos.
That "java moss" you were selling was willow moss.

And that Xmas Moss looks like Xmas as java grows more stringy

Sent from my fingers
I'm thinking your original java moss was actually willow moss.
Ah thanks I can list it as willow moss then :)

Looking at photos I'm pretty sure the Xmas is Xmas but I could be wrong but it does look different to the new java moss that is actual java moss
Picture no.1 looks like Java moss
no.2 n no.3 are willow moss
no.4,5 and 6 are not clear so its hard to tell but I'm guessing its X-mas moss.
If u can take a closer picture of a single leaf of 4,5,6 it will be easier to recognize.
willow usually sells for more... so raise your prices :)
4 5 and 6 do not look like Xmas Your first ones were willow moss for sure
yeah i have put the willow moss on 4x4 steel for £3.50 with free postage

java moss is £3.00 with free postage

has been selling well :)

the xmas moss sells the best i was selling it for around £2.70 a pad

made quite a bit seeing as the willow and xmas moss was just the trimmings from my tank that i used to bin lol

waiting for my pelia moss to grow so i can pad that up :D
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nice, more to fund future shrimp purchases :)
yeah exactly :D although i have just got a green spotted puffer that could do with some red moor wood or something :)
looks exactly like my java moss right thurr...
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