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I have a feeling this won't last. But, it'll also make me try and make it prettier via peer pressure. So hey. I've been paying more attention to outside fishies and nanos, so these guys need more attention.

Established 29 tall
Emperor 400? I think? I can't really look.
coralife 6700k / 65w
flourite/gravel (I'm le poor. ;__; )
no CO2

red ludwigia
water wisteria
some crypt?
dwarf sagittaria?
marimo bits

angelfish, Strawberry
bristlenose plecostomus, kupu-chu
Bloodfin tetras, unnamed
rogue penguin tetras, penpen-dan
rouge lemon tetras, unnamed

No, I couldn't be bothered to clean the glass.

...The other tetras had an accident. Now these are kinda stressed out, and waiting for their new friends. ;__; While part of me just wants to take the penguins to a store so they can hopefully find friends faster, one looks like it was kinda misshapen to begin with, and the other just has that... stressed fishie look. The lemons look like they haven't noticed the others are gone, and think they're bloodfins.

I also don't trust the angel. He is very suspicious. (If he IS a he. >__> ) He acts weird and always has some sort of problem going on. He's a half black, so its like he's dipped in chocolate, like a strawberry. Also, he hates picture time, and looks really washed out. He isn't near a perfect half black, but he's just stressed when the camera comes out.

The bristle nose is maybe 5" long right now? He has a nice moustache, and he's a suckyfish, so he's kupu-chu, since I assume that's the sound his eating makes. He never eats the food I leave him, so I guess I'd have a horrible algae problem without him.

The bloodfins had a horrible accident with the other tetras, but they already have their new friends. The older ones have a golden tint to them. They have a nice happy little group right now, but I plan to make it a little bigger. The lemons seem to think they're bloodfins, and the real ones seem kinda apprehensive about them.

I fear the bristlenose and the bloodfins are the only ones I can trust.

It burns! IT BURRRNS

Anyway. I tore everything apart chasing a plecostomus that was chasing my fishies. I got everything ready, was going to put my (ugly) driftwood and some java fern narrow in, and, sliced my hand open, and I'm slightly immunocompromised, so, uhh, yeah, not putting it in there. And, my left hand and I aren't good friends, and it planted everything temporarily. So, everything will hopefully be moved around next time. Gonna try to put at least the start of the plants in flourite. (I don't wanna buy another bag. Mostly though, I'm just SO SICK of white gravel.)

...What is it? I don't know. It has a bulb.

to do list:
decide where to put things (you can help. ...but I can't reach well. D: )
buy rocks, and probably drill holes in them (so cheap)
contemplate why I don't have nicer plants (I kill things. Like duckweed.)
buy more penguins for my penpen-dan
move another angel in when I trust Strawberry
consider less literal watermark

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It's very nice looking, if nothing else! If I'm seeing your angel right, I would guess it's either a gold marble or a koi angelfish...very pretty, none the less...

My angel, Doom, who is now 5+ years old and *HUGE*[I guess, she lives in a 40gB perfectly, tho] randomly eats fish[and attacks ones she's lived with for so long] so I get the whole not trusting the angel thing... :p

Sorry about your hand being sliced open, BTW...that sucks... :(

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He actually has colours more like a silver when he's not TERRIFIED. I suppose he's like a marble that just happens to have all the marbling on the back. (I think he's actually just some kind of experiment someone did for a colour.) If I recall, his siblings looked exactly the same.

Anyway, had a bad week, and I STILL have open wounds on my hands and arms. Still haven't bought anything else since last week, but trying to figure out what exactly I'm looking for. Any ideas? The proportions of the tank are giving me problems. Considered some free floating to take up top space, but they always get COATED in algae and melt. D:

But what's in there right now is still doing great.
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