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Hi all. I’m returning from a long hiatus. Joined about 10 years ago, and then 8 years ago I converted a small reef tank to planted tank. Things were going well, then job change and 8 hours of work and 10 minute commute turned into 10 hours of work + 5 to 6 hour commute. Sold off the tank when I just didn’t have time to maintain.

Now I’m back, retired with time on my hands. I started to look at planted tank again, and got talked into a reef tank. It’s set up and running and I’m kicking my self for not going with my gut. So the reef tank is coming down before I spend more on corals and fish.

So here I am, back, and lost. I’m starting with a 150g DT and 40 gal sump with all the bells and whistles. (power heads, good lights, APEX controller, heaters, auto top off, etc)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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