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I'll start by listing my tank parameters/etc:
  • 15 Gal
  • Ammonia: 0
  • pH: 7.0
  • Nitrates: 0
  • Nitrites: 0
  • GH: 5
  • KH: 3
  • Inhabitants: 5 ADFs, 3 otos, 3 amano shrimp, and various snails (nerite and pest)
These readings were done today prior to fertilizing and the last time I fertilized was Friday. I fertilize M W F, and I do water changes on Tuesdays. I fertilize with thrive S. I've been wondering for a while if I need to switch fertilizers, I never really have many detectable nutrients, except right after fertilizing. It's not super consistent, idk.

My lighting period is pretty long, but it's not at full intensity, I have a Planted+ 24/7 CRV light. It's probably at full intensity for ~2 hours.

Here are pictures of the plants I need help with!

So basically I've been having these issues for a while. My dwarf sag. has never been truly happy, I'm not quite sure why? It has holes, it used to have a lot more BBA (or what I thought was BBA), and obviously has GSA. What can I do to make these poor guys happy? They're definitely continuing to grow, but always with some yellow leaves or holes forming on the "normal" leaves, in addition to the algae.

My crypts seem happy-ish except the left one has been yellowing on the edging and developing yellow holes. As you can see in the pictures, I tried to grow some rotala as well, but it quickly melted. Additionally, most of my stem plants have lost their lower leaves/are beginning to. I would also love help with the GSA on my anubias in the back, it's pretty awful.

I used to have a java fern that grew and grew and grew (so many baby plants) but one day the main plant died and then the babies did too, pictures of that here.

I also want to note that literally 90% of my s. repens just randomly died on me, and it was thriving, at least I thought. Some of it had GSA, but even the ones without just started losing all their leaves, very very quickly. :(

Any help would be appreciated! I think I need to change my fertilizer or something, but I am not sure where to start product wise/method wise. Thank you.

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I would double the dose on the Thrive S. Triple it if you have to. Java Fern doesn't just die off. The GSA could be because there's not enough Phosphate. Holes in leaves can be caused by not having enough Potassium. The yellowing could be a Manganese deficiency. Your test indicates a lack of Nitrate. How long have you been using the Thrive? Did you have a lot of plants in your tank before you started having problems? Sometimes you get deficiencies when you have a lot of big plants. Things are fine in the beginning when the plants are small and then they get big and use up more fertilizer. I have only ever read good things about Thrive.
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