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not enough flow eheim 2217

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I currently have an eheim 2217 on my 60 gallon aquarium and am not getting enough flow out of it, i currently have some diy mods inline after my filter affecting my flow, i can watch bits of food flow right past the intake for the canister filter with the prefilter off.
I have a prefilter on the intake then on the outtake i have a diy cerges co2 reactor which then hooks up to my diy pvc return spray bar set up. i will be adding a 9w coralife uv light after the cerges reactor but that will cut my flow down even more as my stand is 30 inches high and the tank is 17" high. but with all the plumbing on the return its causing my flow to be really low.

what im asking is what pump would you guys recommend that i run inline after my cerges and either before or after the uv light? the return is 1/2" tubing and pvc.

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I found that a 2217 with just blue sponges and some floss, with only an inline heater after the canister, wasn't enough filtration for my 50g. I had the same prefilter as you and found that it clogged up way too quickly and caused even lower flow. I dumped it for a SS mesh strainer, added a 2213 with CO2 reactor inline, and a Koralia 240. This setup provides enough filtration and flow for a moderately planted 50g. You may want to go with a 2215 or second 2217 to get enough water moving through yours.
im thinking about adding either a second eheim 2217 or a rena xp3 filter. i am thinking about having it set up with 2 intakes an then the outputs tied together with a y adapter, just before the co2 reactor which should get some good flow.
Seems like an awfully small filter for a 60 gallon. I am running a 2028 on a 17 gallon. I also agree that those sponge filters will diminish flow as well. Stainless pre-filters are superior in that regard. I would not Y adapter the output. Unless you have 100% equal flow coming out of both canisters, the output stream of one canister has the potential to cause backpressure on the other one.

edit -- I would sell your 2217 and buy a single Fluval FX-5 and call it a day. Easier plumbing than having to deal with two canisters and Y adapters and all that and the FX-5 has plenty of horsepower to drive that tank.
Rather than do more mods to the filter, I would go back to the filter as designed and then build my additions seperately. I much prefer not putting all my eggs in one basket. As you have found it often just breaks the eggs. A properly sized stand alone pump to run the other stuff would likely be the more cost effective way to go. The 2217 is a great filter for that size tank but not if we modify it too much.
i just bit the bullet and purchased a new rena xp3 off amazon. more filtration wont hurt my tank so its a win win, with the added flow from the rena i should be able to get the flow on the eheim as well since it wont be having to lift the water with its pump alone.
too much mod would slow the flow...
yes i agree but with the addition of rena xp3 and both filters going thru the co2 reactor, uv light and up the diy spray bar flow should be good. like i said the eheim should be able to start flowing faster now as its not carrying the burden of pushing the water thru all the diy parts.
Update? Did the xp3 provide more flow than the 2217?

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