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Even though I bought the GLA GRO CO2 System [Advanced] several years ago, I was finally back to aquaria life and Friday evening my shipment of plants arrived and after planting I set up the system. I watched videos and read forums and was aware of exact procedures in regulator power up and shutdowns causing problems with gauges and needle valves, so I reviewed again the procedures to make sure did it right. Well right off the bat the left gauge did not move, so I rechecked my steps and figured I did it right and ran up the working pressure and started the bubble counter. Bubble count around 1 each second fine then I hooked up the PH controller. No surprise that the probe was dried out, yet I could not find the pouch for dipping the probe in to activate the probe. More research and apparently the pouch I needed is RODI water so luckily I just installed a RODI maker and dipped the tip and calibrated the
probe and put it in the tank. I found the bubble indicator fluctuated allot and late last night I noticed the level in the bubble counter dropped about halfway.

I sent a message Saturday but have not heard from them :frown2:

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