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Hello all,
My Betta has recently started resting under this piece of driftwood. I don't if this is suddenly his new favorite spot or what but just wanted to make sure it isnt a sign of illness and stress. He doesnt seem to be behaving oddly in any other way. When I come to the glass he will still immediately swim up to me and wait for food, follow my fingers etc... When I leave he will hang about, swim around but almost always eventually goes back to this spot under the wood.
Another thing is I've noticed he's developed white tips/edges on his ventral fins, although I know this is a common occurence with bettas.

One reason Im a little worried is that a month ago I pulled out a neon tetra that had cottonmouth symptoms and thus I suspect columnaris. A few days ago I pulled out a 2nd neon that had the same cottonmouth symptoms. It seems to be a very slow acting columnaris and both neons are still alive in the qt tank. Furthermore its summer here in AUS and the tanks get upto 27 degrees Celsius during the day before dropping back down to ~23, which I didnt think would be a problem for a betta since they like warm temps.
Anyways Im probably worried about nothing but I guess that Im concerned that if those neons had columnaris, its likely that the others will too. Although, the other 6 neons in the main tank have so far not shown any symptoms yet!

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