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Well, i was pulling some leaves out of my tank because i recently put in a few plants (around 1-2 weeks ago) and noticed a single, really small snail crawling on a rock formation in my tank. its a 75g so its a bit hard to find them, but i think theres just one.. i dont know what to do but i definately dont want snails crawling around my tank?! its black with what seems to be green or brown dots or something on it? the whole thing is like 5mm or something.. maybe even less.. extremely small.. should i kill it? the plants i got were from and the moss is from aquaticmagic or whatever.. from ebay. i doubt it was in the moss though? im a bit worried because i really dont want a snail invasion :p. What should i do? i dont wana just kill the poor thing?! Will they cause any problems with co2 injection and plants and all? will they escape eventually?
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Current count is TWO snails. I dont think what i saw was dots.. probably some sort of nerite snail.. but anyhow if theres two there must be more =z. I just checked the site again now that i got a closer look (before it was 18" away at the back of my 75g tank) and it looks very similar to sweetaquatic's Olive nerite snails..
if you see one there are dozens you do not see
nerite snails are considered as a "good" snail and they dont breed in freshwater
I love my nerite snails they really do a great job on algae control and they do not breed in fresh water at all so you won't have a snail explosion...
if you see one there are dozens you do not see
i have a feeling that the few that are there were probably holding onto one of the plants and when i put the plants in they got in with em... ill live if its just a few.. long as they dont reproduce lol. planning on putting shrimp in.. i could use some algae control though.. loll. how long do they live? might buy a few.. if these have survived, ill get like 10 to get rid of my current algae until my co2 is filled and set up and my shrimp arrives.
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