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Nooo!!! White growth on surface of glass:(

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I've been noticing this for the past month. There's this white growth on the inside surface of my aquarium. Do I have to be clean about the explanation of it? If so, it's attached to the glass and has a tail extending from it....

Here's a couple pics:

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Do you use DIY CO2? If so it might be yeast. I've never seen yeast cling to the glass, though... only to plant matter.
Yes, I'm using DIY CO2...but it wasn't like this before:icon_cry:

And it's too small to be hydras....:icon_cry::icon_cry:
Well those pics aren't too great, so can you get a better closeup?
Too small be hydras?

Hydra are TINY suckers.
Really? Can they do any harm to RCS and/or fish?

EDIT: Here's some pics to give you an idea of how cloudy the sides are. I can normally see the other side of the room crystal-clear without any disturbance:

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I can see the white fuzz on the wood.. take it out and give it a good scrub and rinse.. and just scrub your glass and do a water change.

your wood need to be cured a little longer in water.
Either boil it or let it sit in a bucket of water for a few weeks with a little salt.
Is it sort of like a jelly goo? I've had it on occasion but it disappears with the addition of a suckermouth algae eater. I don't know if they eat it or just knock it off. You can wipe it down with a magfloat, too.

Get a good look to be sure it's not hydra--you should be able to see tentacles with the naked eye. They are cute in a tiny way, but if you get too many they will affect the look of things.

And there does seem to be something growing off the wood. Maybe once that settles in the other goop will die back too. How long has it been set up?
The tank has been set up for 9 months.

I might be able to give the tank a good scrub when I change the substrate...but that won't be until the 30th. Do you think I can get by with a magnetic algae scraper until then?
Ok well I just scraped it with an algae scraper, and it's gone now. But I'm sure it's bound to come back!!!
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