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Noobie alert!! Help with planting dwarf hair grass

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Hello I have a 29 gallon tank (18" high) and want to have a carpet of dwarf hairgrass. I am pretty new to growing live plants in an aquarium. I bought a marineland 29 gallon kit from petsmart that comes with led lights. I have a few questions hopefully someone can help me before my head explodes.

1. I figured the led lights that came with my kit are too low powered to grow hairgrass (may be wrong???) so I considered buying a finnex ray 2 or finnex fugeray (i like the moonlight) with a glass top. Are any of these lights strong enough? Would I be extremely limited in what I can grow in the future?

2. I am also considering using Eco-complete as my substrate. Wondering if this would work?

3.Is Co2 required? I prefer not to use it.

Pretty overwhelmed with the info found on the web. Please help.