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Noob to planted tanks, need some advice.

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I've been doing reefing for a while, and have always used an R/O system. Well we decided to sell the reef off, and just set up an ADA I had lying around as a planted.

Now I guess I've just been so used to using the R/O unit that I don't really feel comfortable using tap water, but I know it isn't necessarily bad for planted tanks to do so. But I have the unit, I won't make enough selling it to make it worth it, and I plan to use it when I eventually get a reef again. All filters are pretty much done for, so they would need replacement, but I am wondering what everyone thinks is worth doing.

Should I just replace the filters, and leave the membrane in place, or maybe remove it completely? Should I use the DI, or take that out as well? I don't mind spending $20 on filters if that would be fine.

I really don't like using conditioner, and I am getting the Pfertz high tech+ line up for my fertilizers. The system is going to be high light / pressurized CO2, and well filtered.

Any input?
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Go for it! If you have it, use it! Just remember to replace the trace that you are taking out. This gives you way more control over your water parameters. Use something like Seachem Equilibrium to replenish your trace elements.
So if I use something to bring the GH and KH where they need to be, and then dose my nutrients back in, I should have no problems, correct?
Just do 50% RO, 50% Tap water... You'll get what you need. I hear Florida's water is pretty hard.
Just do 50% RO, 50% Tap water... You'll get what you need. I hear Florida's water is pretty hard.
Yeah, high pH too (which was never a problem for reefs).

Here is my areas water report:
Tested my tap water, today, don't have the GH kit yet so will have to do that later (I know it's necessary to determine anything substantial).

KH - 7
phosphate - 0
pH - 7.6
ammonia - 0
nitrate - 0
nitrite - 0
Okay went out and bought an API GH kit since I can't seem to find anything else locally (buying Elos GH online soon...)

The API kit is terribly hard to read, so I'm not even sure if this is accurate or not, but I got 13* (232.7ppm?) on my tap water. I know it is supposed to be lower, so maybe mixing with a little RO might help, but that might throw everything else off. Any ideas?

Edit: Also just checked tap using TDS meter, reads 01 (0.1?)
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