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I have basic fish keeping knowledge as i have had a 10gal community tank for a long time with pretty good sucess. I have used live plants there with a "thats pretty i'll jam it in the gravel" mentality. i'd say my success has been 50% with plants. so...
i have a 20H with about 2" of sandbox sand in the bottom, various rock and driftwood from a failed experiment with archerfish. great fish, not set up properly for fish that can JUMP, and the roomates got mad about crickets escaping. i've cleaned out the salt from the brackish water and I would like to reincarnate the tank as a planted tank for two kribs and a few small "dither" fish. I know I'll have to get better lighting. i think my filter should be fine. its a hang-on-the-side waterfall deal rated for 30gal. now i have a few questions:
will my sand be ok for substrate? I am thinking about mixing in some gravel to loosen it up so roots can spread. is that necessary?
do i need to have a CO2 system? i'd rather not if i can help it, but i would like a moderatly planted tank.
what plants can do you recommend? my LFS's are chain retailers, mostly staple plants to choose from, and not much help from the 16 year old selling them to me. common names would help more than scientific names. i don't want to buy over the internet.
what other advice can you offer? i have been lurking around the forum for a little bit now, and have gleaned some info, but specifics for my tank would be apreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read, it turned out a lot longer than i expected.
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