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Noob Shrimp Questions (Amano & Bamboo)

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So about about a week ago I moved one of my tanks to my office. My Amano took the move pretty well. Hid for a day or two.

A few days ago I bought a "Bamboo Shrimp" according to the tank label. I acclimated her and moved her in. She took well and the Amano came out of hiding and everyone is friends.

Question 1. My supposed Bamboo shrimp is not has the same markings but they are blue and the spaces in between the veining is clear tinged blue. Her fans and end of tail tail are brownish. Exoskeleton after molt (see below) is also brownish. She is feeding well and has claimed a perch at the bottom of the filter output. I never see her scraping the gravel which leads me to believe she is getting her nutrients. She does not seem to feel threatened since she loves to take some time exploring before returning to her perch. Is there a blue variety of Bamboo shrimp? By the way, her stripe is vivid and a bit more yellow than white. I wish I could show pictures, but my camera is really terrible and all I get is blur when I try to get the wee ones in my tank.

Question 2. Molting equals healthy and comfortable? The Bamboo went into hiding for a day (yesterday morning before I came to work at 7am). I came back to the office today and found her exoskeleton, and a few hours later she returned to her perch. Four hours later my Amano molted (I got to watch!) and went back to feeding on his rock out in the open. Does this mean I have happy shrimps? My water readings are coming out the same as they did when I first moved the tank -all levels good (I stored four gallons of the water before the move to keep it as consistent as possible.) I used to have a ghost shrimp (who my Amano did not like) and they never molted together. Does it mean anything, or am I reading into it?

I know these are probably no brainer questions. I've just never had a Bamboo and want to make sure she is well. I have also had my Amano for two years now and love him. Since he is a senior citizen I would also like to make sure he is as happy and healthy as possible.
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molting can be brought about by water changes, so it's not really an indicator of happiness. Also, bamboo shrimp can display a large range of coloration, so yours is just doing her thing :D

You will want to supplement the tank with powdered food for her though, she will not get all she needs just from the water column. Any powdered shrimp food works, or powdered spirulina/chlorella. They don't need a ton, but a pinch every now and again directly in front of them seems to keep them happy.

Ghost shrimp are jerks, I'm not surprised your amano hated him :>
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