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Howdy! I just joined this forum and was hoping for guidance and knowledge on how to further my 10 gal tank and what to expect. I just finished planting the tank a few days ago (1/6) which is a conversion from fish only and resin ornaments to fish with live plants. The tank's picture is attached to the post.

Plants: swords (micro and regular), 2 pieces of real wood and a couple species that I bought but forgot the names (hopefully you can ID them for me)
Fish: 4 neon tetra, 1 rainbow shark, 3 red fin tetra, 3 rasbora and 5 ghost shrimp
Lighting: Aqueon modular led 2 strip lighting
Substrate: Gravel only
Supplements: 2 Flourish tabs every 3 months. API CO2 booster everyday. Fish food daily!

An issue I see already is that algae is growing on top of the leaves closer to the top. I thought this was normal. Will this disappear over time?

Your thoughts and comments please!



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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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