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Noob Questions

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Hi guys.

So .... I went to one of my LFS today to purchase brine shrimp eggs to hatch for my current two spawns of Angels and German Blue Rams. Anyhow he had some new stock which included algae eaters and upon inspection of this tank i saw this little guy.

IMG_9505 by Gt Turbo 1883, on Flickr

IMG_9503 by Gt Turbo 1883, on Flickr

As she was a random, my LFS who I have a very good relationship with just gave it to me free of charge.

Here's the thing, I've never kept shrimp before and i'd like to but they aren't usually available. I need three (3) questions answered quite quickly:
1. What type of shrimp is it ( I think it's an Amano but I'm not sure)?
2. Can I keep it with German Gold Rams?
3. When it was initially placed in the bag, it was berried but during transit home it moulted and the eggs were left with the moult. Is this normal, if not what does this mean?

Thanks guys and girls.

btw. This is the tank I wanna put him into.

IMG_9513 by Gt Turbo 1883, on Flickr
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It is a ghost shrimp - they are very common and probably the cheapest shrimp you can buy at the store.

Keeping a shrimp with any large fish is dangerous as they can nip at the shrimp, but if you have a lot of plants the shrimp will usually just hide and you will never see it.

If the eggs were left with the molt that means the shrimp was uncomfortable and decided to abandon them most likely due to the stresses of being moved. The shrimp itself should be okay.
Thanks for the heads up sir or maam. Will do some research.
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