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noob from ohio

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So I got back into fishkeeping after my son talked us into some goldfish and a 5 gallon aquarium. After some ammonia burns and a few tank size and equipment upgrades and tank and friend additions I am in a much better place with my overall fish happiness and along the way I picked up a strong interest in the planted tank. This has also been an uphill battle, but thankfully them internets have all sorts of great info, although sometimes mixed between some bad ideas.

My home tanks are a 30 long and a 29 tall. 30 has 3 goldfish a few albino cory and a few adopted wcmm as well as a few snails. It's a non-planted dinosaur themed aquarium for my son and he loves it.

My 29 is planted with 1/3 sand on the left and the rest is a flourite mix going up a planted hill with some larger rocks. It has a few male guppies, some ottos, 7 ghost shrimp and a lonely platy.

Work tanks are a 10 gallon tank and a 5 gallon tank. I had some serious issues with females being aggressive in the 10 gal, so I am down to two ladies, but I also have a baby platy here from my home tank and several nerites and ottos. It's planted with Eco complete and I'm currently using Excel, root tabs and flourish fert. The 5 gal is a fry tank so there are currently about 12 Guppy fry and a couple nerites to help with the cleanup on the increased feeding schedule, although frequent water changes help too.

Recently the pet supplies plus store near me had a clearance so I was able to pick up 2 HO coralife T5 units for my planted tanks and a marineland double bright LED for the 30 for $75 total as well as some other absurdly cheap filters and such which make nice backups. With that said, I am looking to step my planted home tank up in terms of my attention to aquascaping so hopefully the new layout works well moving forward. A pressurized CO2 setup is the next big ticket item so ill probably be trolling for info on the best affordable paintball canister setup. I look forward to some great forum nerdery here
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Yeah I tend to geek out pretty hard on my hobbies. It's fun though and much cooler than other things i could be spending money on. I'd like to get a paintball cylinder co2 kit together that I can setup on a timer...thats the next thing to mull over besides the likely workhorse ballast upgrade on these coralife Ho light fixtures since they seem to be a weak link
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