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NO3 Skyrocket

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I started dry fertilizing this week. Did my regular water change on Sunday and dosed for the first time on Monday. Before dosing, my NO3 reading was about 5ppm. It's now Wednesday, I did a water peraminter check and the NO3 readings are 50ppm.
I used 3/4 tea spoon and its a 75 gallon tank.
Should I keep dosing or wait until the levels go down?
Also, I have no way to check the (K) or (P) so I am assuming these would not be ff the chart too!
Is this normal?
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I would calibrate your Nitrate test. This will ensure accuracy as well as making sure you're following the directions correctly.

3/4 teaspoon will only raise nitrate to about 8.5 ppm. There is more to the equation here. Even if you used tablespoons rather than teaspoons it would still only raise nitrate roughly 25 ppm.
I would also calibrate your nitrate test kit. Make sure that you shake the reagent bottles very well, as improperly mixed reagents will lead to wrong results.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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