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No Water Change 5 Gal Deficiency

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Hello everyone! first time posting on the forum, ok now to the beef. I have had this 5 1/2 gallon tank full of cherry shrimpies and MTS. At this point it been 6 months without a water change I just top it off with RO water whenever the water level drops a little bit but other than that the only thing I put in the water is shrimp food (they eat all of it so I know there's no excess food sinking into the substrate). the tank has just EXPLODED with plants. it looks more like a box of plants rather than a box of water. stocked with dwarf sag, spiral Val, banana plant, duckweed that coats the whole surface of the water, 3 now huge brown crypt wendtii, Christmas moss, glossostigma, nana petite, 4 or 5 Anubis (i can't remember what kind) Bacopa, so needless to say... there are ALOT ALOT of plants in this tiny little 5 1/2 gallon. the anubis and wendtii and the bacopa is starting to smash itself against the lid of the tank. this tank has been a major success and I now feel the power of a heavily planted tank. although I relish in what the tank looks like now it does dawn on me that those that soar high crash hard. what problems should I look out for? I watch the snail shells and they look a little dull so I'm thinking maybe calcium?
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