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No Water Change 5 Gal Deficiency

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Hello everyone! first time posting on the forum, ok now to the beef. I have had this 5 1/2 gallon tank full of cherry shrimpies and MTS. At this point it been 6 months without a water change I just top it off with RO water whenever the water level drops a little bit but other than that the only thing I put in the water is shrimp food (they eat all of it so I know there's no excess food sinking into the substrate). the tank has just EXPLODED with plants. it looks more like a box of plants rather than a box of water. stocked with dwarf sag, spiral Val, banana plant, duckweed that coats the whole surface of the water, 3 now huge brown crypt wendtii, Christmas moss, glossostigma, nana petite, 4 or 5 Anubis (i can't remember what kind) Bacopa, so needless to say... there are ALOT ALOT of plants in this tiny little 5 1/2 gallon. the anubis and wendtii and the bacopa is starting to smash itself against the lid of the tank. this tank has been a major success and I now feel the power of a heavily planted tank. although I relish in what the tank looks like now it does dawn on me that those that soar high crash hard. what problems should I look out for? I watch the snail shells and they look a little dull so I'm thinking maybe calcium?
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If the tank is super crowded with plants, I'd watch out for legginess. Any stem plants you have might drop their lower leaves since their upper leaves are getting all the light. I'd also just start trimming some of the faster growing plants (duckweed especially), so that no one plant outcompetes any other by shading it.

As for "no shrimp food sinking into the substrate" I'm kind of skeptical about this. Unless you have the food on a little shrimp dish or leaf, then you can't be sure that there isn't food disintegrating and entering the substrate. But regardless,

Sounds like you're doing a pretty great job!

If you do decide to do a water change, start out very small (maybe .5 gallon at first), just so that you don't shock the shrimp.
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